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The 329 Marketing, Inc. Mission Statement

329 Marketing Inc., is committed to providing access to quality products and strive to ensure their customers’ success by functionality in the field.

329 Marketing, Inc. was formed in early 2014 and although the name may be new, the managing partners and employees have been serving the New England area for decades. As a manufacturer’s rep group for Public Safety Vehicle Equipment and Safety Equipment, 329 Marketing Inc., is committed to quality, function and usability in the product lines we represent.

Founding partner, Kory Koster, a career Firefighter/Paramedic knows how important it is to have the right equipment in the field, but more importantly, having knowledgeable, qualified and experienced personnel to provide guidance when choosing the right equipment to increase user safety and maintain a budget. Kory’s business partner, David Lewis, an experienced Law Enforcement Officer shares these same beliefs.

Experienced with sales, service and installations, 329 Marketing, Inc., is based on customer satisfaction by being knowledgeable, helpful and available. We proudly represent the following lines:

Vehicle Equipment Division

Safety Division

Totaled with a combination of solid product lines and industry knowledge, 329 Marketing Inc., is here to strive for exceptional customer service with distributors, installation centers and the end-users.

Services Include

  • Assistance with specification writing for Public Safety Vehicle Equipment

  • On-site demonstration of vehicle products with fully outfitted demo vehicles (Ford Utility, Ford F150 & Dodge Charger)

  • On-site demonstration of Safety product with Alcohol & Drug Test Machines / Body Armor Product

  • On-site service and tech-support (including training, programming and troubleshooting)

  • On-site measuring for Body Armor

  • Test and Evaluation programs

  • Guidance with the vehicle equipment selection process

  • Design of integrated vehicle solutions

  • Personal and professional service

Kory Koster, Partner
Territories: MA, RI, CT
Kory, a career Firefighter/Paramedic is the founding partner of 329 Marketing Inc.  He knows how important it is to have the right equipment in the field and more importantly, he has the knowledge and experience with over 20 years in the industry.

Kory started out as a self-taught installer who developed and ran his own installation company.  As this continued to grow, a large New England distributor/installation facility took note of Kory’s expertise, acquired his business and brought him on board to run their facility. During these years, Kory developed a broad area of expertise, including the technology area; specializing in programming, MDT installation and LPR systems.

When the opportunity arose to represent a core group of manufacturers, Kory welcomed the venture.  His belief is having knowledgeable, qualified and experienced personnel to provide guidance when choosing the right vehicle equipment was exactly what he wanted to provide the public safety industry of New England area.

Kory’s words … 329 Marketing represents a premier group of manufacturers.  We can offer the latest technology that comes with a solid manufacturing process.  We can provide a total solutions package for our customers and I am confident our team has the knowledge to offer the products and technology to meet every customer’s needs.

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  • Call: 508-989-2783

David Lewis, Partner
Territories: VT
David is a significant addition to the 329 Marketing team. His background in law enforcement and experience in the automobile industry is an invaluable asset.

David’s family are life-long ‘car people’. David’s father, Alex was an auto dealer for over 50 years, a profession that David joined in 1986 after he graduated from Norwich University, a prominent Military College in Vermont. When Alex retired, David assumed ownership of the dealerships and continued to successfully run for 20 years. To this day, David remains a member of the Vermont Dealer Association and a multi-year board member.

After selling the Auto Dealership in 2009, David returned to his first passion of Law Enforcement. As a certified Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Vermont, David is a Deputy Sheriff for the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office and a Marine Enforcement Officer for the Vermont State Police.

David’s words … As an active member of the 329 Marketing team, I can utilize a multitude of my skill sets to satisfy clients. I bring to the end-user, my experience in the law enforcement field combined with my extensive knowledge of the automobile industry. I understand budgets and can assist in writing specs that best fit an agencies’ vehicle equipment needs.

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  • Call: 802-310-4995

Marc Sheehy, Northeast Sales Rep
Territories: MA, NH, ME
Marc brings to 329 Marketing, Inc., over 25 years of experience and history in the public safety equipment and installation industry. He has been involved in all aspects from installation technician to head of purchasing for a large distributor.

At the early age of 14, Marc started out as an installation technician, working after school and on weekends. Through the years, his work ethics and uncompromised devotion helped Marc work his way up through all areas of the public safety equipment industry and vehicle up-fitting process. From meeting with customers to plan their vehicle up fit, working on specifications and bids, customer and technical support, purchasing and logistics, and marketing and planning, Marc has exceled in all areas.

Marc brings all this experience to his role as a manufacturer’s rep for 329 Marketing in New England. Together with Marc’s history of product, knowledge of the industry and experience of working with our first responders, Marc will deliver a professional and precise result.

Marc’s words … As a lifelong New Englander, I understand the unique characteristics and challenges that this region plays in the everyday role of our first responders. With that in mind I have always strived to provide solutions to better help our police, fire, public works, EMT, and towing professionals, carry out their jobs with the best equipment.

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Wendy Parenti, Team Coordinator
Wendy has been involved in the public safety vehicle equipment industry for over 10 years as a brand and marketing strategist. Her specialty includes partnering with manufacturers to grow their brands, marketing installation services and is a GSA Contract Specialist. Wendy’s market knowledge has been featured in published articles for Police Fleet Manager and has contributed to articles with the assistant editor of Government Fleet Magazine.

As part of the 329 Marketing team, Wendy will oversee the processes ensuring superior customer service, increasing brand awareness and create solutions for the customer. This will all contribute to the customers’ confidence that they can depend on the 329 Marketing team.

Wendy’s words … The Public Safety Equipment Industry is an industry that I enjoy being a part of, like many of the people that I work with, I appreciate it. Being part of an industry that provides our First Responders with equipment that provides the latest technology for job safety is very rewarding.

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