Jotto Desk Public Safety Introduces the ZRT Gun Rack

Unrivaled Strength and Security

Featuring Smartlock Technology for weapon security you can count on and manufactured with a Zinc material, the new ZRT lock head withstands 100ft/100lbs of energy. Engineered with a patented 2-phase communication system that requires not only power from an officer initiated button push but also a special electronic handshake to confirm the electrical unlock command. Eliminates 12v hotwiring!

Not only has Jotto Desk upgraded the lock, but they improved other issues with the lock head. Silicone inserts in the lock head protect the weapon from damage (and no rattling noise!) while the innovative slide latch recesses inside housing when accessing firearm. Not to mention on the gun rack, the butt plate is made from polycarbonate which is resistant to being cut or smashed. And, field adjustability without the need of a special tool!

The ZRT Gun Rack is available in single or dual weapon for police vehicles and fully universal with other vendors’ partitions. Plus, Jotto Desk has available ZRT parts for retrofitting older Jotto Desk gun racks.

Check out the ZRT here.

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