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Code 3®, Inc. engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of lighting and sound-based warning products used by professionals in emergency response, utility, service fleet, and industrial settings. Code 3® has been in business since 1974. The primary goal is to design products that enhance customer safety, including law enforcement officers, firemen and EMT personnel, as well as all personnel in utility, DOT, and construction industries.

Code 3®’s headquarters and plant are in St. Louis, Missouri. With distribution of Code 3 products to over 70 countries through a network of manufacturer’s representatives and distributors serving the public safety, municipal and industrial markets.

American Aluminum strives daily to manufacture the finest products available and always welcome input to continue with improvements. American Aluminum has continuously grown and expanded products, catering to the needs and wants of customers and high-profile clientele. The product line includes Inmate Transport Systems, K-9 Training Aids, K-9 Inserts, Contraband Containment, Animal Control Systems, Vault Systems, Screen Sytems and Camlocker Tool Boxes.

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Since 1953, Dräger has manufactured breath alcohol detection devices and offers a full range of products specifically designed for judiciary mandated ignition interlocks, law enforcement, and DOT workplace testing. Dräger’s suite of breath testing products covers the gamut of the screening and evidential markets using proven technology they have been pioneering for decades. Dräger is the only company on the market that offers a full portfolio of screening, evidential, and ignition interlock devices.

For over 20 years, Jotto Desk has been the benchmark Total Solutions Provider for vehicle equipment in public safety and the leading innovator of vehicle laptop mounts and docking stations for mobile workforces. They demonstrate commitment to their customers and quality improvement by employing an internal quality management system for all of Jotto Desk product lines. Jotto Desk consistently strives to exceed expectations set for all aspects of the business: design, development, sales, manufacturing, and service. Jotto Desk is your Total Solutions Provider for public safety equipment with a full product offering for police vehicles from bumper to bumper.

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MNSTAR Solutions, a division of All Fleet Solutions; Designing solutions to help you build better, build faster.

Build Better – Every Make, Every Model – One standard for your fleet, tailored to your needs, this is the MNSTAR Solutions difference. MNSTAR Solutions utilizes the highest quality raw materials, demanding standards, and process controls to ensure their products offer a “first-time right” and long-term performance rating that exceeds 99.8%. The breadth of MNSTAR Solutions’ product offerings allows a fleet to have consistency not only in police vehicles but in every emergency, support, administrative, or vocational vehicle in the fleet.

Build Faster – Constructing a quality electrical system takes time and skilled technicians, commodities that the best installation facilities are usually short of. MNSTAR Solutions’ products allow installation facilities to build faster while improving the build quality. Schematics, consistent installation practices, circuit identification, and labeled wires speed the installation and diagnostic processes putting new vehicles on the street faster and keeping them out of the shop.

Adaptable Design- MNSTAR Solutions offers more than a generic prep package or fuse panel. Their products support a wide array of installation techniques and an even wider array of equipment. Adaptable Design means there is no need to force a one-size fits all solution into your fleet. MNSTAR Solutions is able to tailor a harness for each specific vehicle and equipment configuration.

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Founded in 1986, U.S. Armor is firmly established as the most trusted name in body armor. They are a highly respected, major supplier to domestic and international armor markets. Their products are unmatched in comfort, quality and performance. U.S. Armor ballistic products can be found on elite Military units, along with Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The Armellino family founded American Body Armor (ABA) in the late 1960’s as one of the first pioneers of soft body armor. Stephen’s father, Richard Armellino, held some of the first U.S. patents for this unique product that not only offered ballistic protection, but also the increased mobility needed for officers to move effectively in the field. The Armellino family sold ABA in 1984, but the original patterns first created by Stephen Armellino while working with his father Richard are still used throughout the entire body armor industry.

Today, U.S. Armor continues to create the most comfortable and technologically advanced ballistic products available. Their rapidly expanding client base includes: Law Enforcement, SWAT, DEA, Border Patrol, Correctional, Military, Rescue, and private security personnel just to name a few. An increasing number of international agencies are now choosing the comfort and quality of U.S. Armor products.

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Westin® Automotive is an aftermarket product manufacturer and parent company of brands including FEY®, Wade™, Brute™, HDX™ and Snyper Westin Offroad products. Westin designs and delivers automotive products that give you the look and function you need to fit your active lifestyle. When you choose Westin®, you roll with style.

Westin Automotive products are proudly designed, tested and engineered in San Dimas, California, USA. Innovation, passion and consistency have made Westin one of the industry’s leading manufacturers for nearly 40 years. Their diverse range of products is backed by a superior manufacturer warranty. When it comes to your vehicle, Westin is the name you can trust.

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